Dear friends,

In the past few months I have shared stories from Randy, Sherman, Michelle, Mac, James, and others, of what happened in their lives through a Workshop experience. How they see themselves, others people, and God was dramatically impacted. That resulted in healing, renewed hope, and freedom from oppressing inner struggles. Families were reunited. Supportive relationships were started.

And as they shared their stories and hope with hundreds of their peers, many more lives were impacted. Check out our 2018 Workshops Report here: Shining Light 2018.

These incarcerated men and women are no longer defined by their sentence, but by the purpose God has given them. We might call it “re-sentenced” to share hope and be a contributor to whatever community they are part of.

It is a joy for us to share that “sentence” with them. Working in prisons is hard. But the impact we have the opportunity to facilitate there is powerful. That makes it worth it.

We have more artists asking to participate. We have prisons inviting us to come. The other part needed is people who will join us by providing financial resources to make this happen. We are dependent on each other to meet these needs.

We are seeking additional people to join us by pledging $40 per month (or whatever is appropriate for your means). One time gifts are welcome too. Join the team here: Give Hope!

Thank you to all who have been contributing so generously and regularly. Our participants inside send their thanks too!


P.S. Just in case you missed it above, here is a report of our work in 2018: Shining Light 2018 Workshops Report.